Corri-Lynn Deitsch

Director at Large

I can clearly remember the first time I saw someone snowboarding, mid 80’s at Fortress, it was instantly captivating. But I didn’t make the switch until about ten years later when I met my husband who has been riding since the beginning and I needed new gear. So figured why not give snowboarding a try and haven’t looked back. There really is nothing like the heavenly floating feel of riding pow to get you hooked.

We have been part of the Alberta Snowboard community since early 2000’s when our kids both took up the sport. It has been fun watching them and others progress.

I am passionate about snowboard cross. Love watching riders use all their snowboard skills to adapt to the fast changing course and the other riders around them in the race. From the starter’s call “RACERS READY, ATTENTION” to the drop of the gate, till they cross the finish, it’s always exciting!

If I’m not at the bottom cheering the loudest, you will find me behind the scenes doing race administration, updating ladders & listening to it all unfold over the radios. And now, also helping ASA in a new capacity as a board member.

Favorite thing to shred: a fun little tree run

Favorite people to ride with: my family, when they will slow down to enjoy a scenic run with me.

Favorite hill: We are truly blessed with amazing terrain, I have favorites at every hill we ride vs a favorite hill.