Learn about the new CanWest Pass Policy and Process, Canada Snowboard’s Return to Ride guidance as we contemplate next season’s safety due to COVID and reminders to be good to each other, using our Code of Conduct.

The New Season is Upon Us

CanWest Pass Policy and Process
Find the updated 2020_21 CanWest Pass Policy and Process here. Remember by JULY 15th you MUST:

  1. Have your ASA Membership
  2. Be registered with your team
  3. You or your coach send a note following the process to

Go get your memberships here and take advantage of the deals in Shred Hookups! Having your membership by July 15th is a key step to qualifying for a CanWest pass.

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COVID 19 Updates
Safety of our riders and our community is our primary concern. Luckily we believe that outdoor sports like snowboarding are able to have the proper modifications to keep everyone safe. Read Canada Snowboard’s Return to Sport Protocol and Club Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool.

Be Good To Each Other

Alberta Snowboard Association believes that Individuals have the right to participate in the organization’s business, activities and events without being subject to bullying, harassment, discrimination, violence, improper activities or behaviour. This Code of Conduct and Ethics sets expectations for how Individuals must manage their behaviours and interact with others: it is an organizational statement of integrity that will facilitate building loyalty, trust and confidence amongst our stakeholders.

This policy is for all members of our community and includes athletes, board members, coaches, officials, parents and guardians and volunteers. We thrive only if every member of our community thrives! Please make sure you give it a read.