Co Gougeon

Director At Large


My passion for snowboarding is deeply rooted in the long, cold winters of Northern Ontario which ultimately led me to follow my dreams and “go west, where the skies are blue, go west, this is what we’re gonna do, go west!”

Calling Whistler home for over a decade, I fully emersed myself in all aspects of snowboarding. From working at the retail level, to organizing & facilitating grassroots events for newcomers to the sport, as well as being a bilingual live event announcer for Provincial, National and World Cup snowboard events. You could say that my experience in the snowboard industry has taken many twists and turns along the way.

With that being said, the beacon of opportunity most recently guided me up and over the Rockies at the beginning of the pandemic to Calgary, where I quickly found common ground with the can-do attitude of Albertans and the energy of a blossoming snowboard scene, this side of the Rockies.

My multiple years in event management at countless major hotels have taught me that teamwork is what makes the dream work, and that success can only easily be measured by the ear-to-ear grins of attendees, and staff alike after wrapping up a large-scale event.

Currently working as a Commercial Insurance Broker, strong work ethic, efficiently multitasking and attention to details are an everyday requirement. Networking, while building long lasting bonds with clients and colleagues alike is a highlight of my position.

As a newly elected member of the board, I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion of snowboarding along with my wealth of knowledge of the snowboard industry with the ASA members and the far extended communities that the sport reaches.